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Two South Korean men with too much time and money on their hands, decided to wager $1,000,000 won (about $950 dollars) that one could drive his Jeep across an irrigation reservoir in the middle of winter with ice approximately 15cm thick. The reservoir is 100km east of Seoul.

Our victim cresting the hill overlooking the side of the reservoir.

One last look at the line he plans to drive.

A view from the rear support vehicle. Notice the winch line in case the driver decides to conceed the bet.

The decent begins.

Past the point of no return. The driver is out discoinnecting the rear winch line to move it over to the front to pull himself out in case the Jeep can't make it.

The front wheels have made contact with the bottom of the reservoir. Also, the idiot standing on the ice is in great peril given the jeep can crack the ice at any time sending this fool plunging into the frigid waters.

All four wheels are now on the bottom and and there is no turning back no way no how.

After four and a half hours, this is as far as the Jeep made it under its own power. From here, the winching begins.

The Jeep has been dragged to within three meters from shore before suffering a catostrophic failure of unknown origin. The winching stops and a support vehicle must be called in.

A view the next morning, taken from the original starting point. You can see he almost made it.

Surely this is not how you want to see your vehicle..

The support vehicle arrives on scene.

The catostrophic failure revealed. As the ice around the Jeep built up the winch was unable to move it any further. So instead of moving the Jeep closer to the shore, the winch actually ripped the bumper off as it kept pulling.

The back seat. Notice the dislodged headrest.

Both victim and rescuer.

"Hmm, I don't remember packing ice for this trip..."

A good view of the smashed windshield. Only in a Jeep.

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