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It's finally finished - the Halloween display is open for business this season in my front yard. The theme is "The revenge of the Mummy" and everything is intended to look like things you would find in a deserted haunted ancient pyramid. My wife and I made everything from scratch aside from some of the masks. We still have a few things to paint and put out tonight, but it is ready for all intents and purposes. The pyramid stands over 20' tall and is flanked by an oasis with a giant obelisk. The whole construction period took us 82 days this year - our largest and longest one yet. All of the pieces that look like gold are actually hand made from clay and painted by Shannon (she made about 20 in all). I made the sarcophagus from wood and plaster and hand painted it myself. There is a real fire pit burning in the front and torches to be lit for the weekend festivities. The pyramid is "inhabited" by several mummies, skeletons, and numerous spiders, scorpions, tarantulas, snakes, beetles, and other furry creatures and bugs. Yes, the floor is mostly covered with real sand - nearly 1000lbs in all. The hieroglyphics on the wall are fabric and the fans are real ostrich feathers. The explorer by the entrance broke the cardinal rule and caused the mummy's curse to be executed. The embalmers have awakened and are making mummy's as fast as they can - watch you step (and your body) as you enter and pay them a visit. - Ralph Schwartz. (read news article here)

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All images copyright Ralph Schwartz 2006. Posted on EHOWA.COM with his permission



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