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Hey again Ernie - Scott Z here of the insane adopted “dog with pasta” lab mix….My buddy sent me this from his friend – a 1st hand account from his buddy in Sacramento, CA of crank heads getting busted – the descriptive account of events is below in forwarded email, with great accompanying photos. I know you love this kind of shit so I contacted the original sender to make sure it was ok to forward and he’s fine with it. Hope you enjoy and deem worthy of distribution on the net – I know I sure love seeing tweakers getting busted and ya don’t mess with someone’s 4X4, even if it is a yuppified grocery getter. Enjoy! Scott

FWD: Heres how I spent most of my Sunday "working some OT" being a witness to a few felonies, nice f-in tweekers here in W Sac. My buddy Paul looked out of his office window and spotted them "working" on this Jeep. I dropped a dime and then we just sat back and watched the show. The little one was the lookout the fat one was the human jack, I swear that she was lifting up the whole side of the jeep with that big ass, and the peckerwood was buried under the jeep so far much like a cockroach that you could barely see his tweeker feet sticking out. They were more sophisticated than most typical idiot criminals, they actually had some decent tools to use and they also had about 30 car repair manuals to use in case they couldn’t tweek the part off. The cops said they are responsible for about 20 other similar thefts in the area. Needless to say the pics tell the rest of the story. Cant believe I get paid for this, too easy! [Richard, company info, etc deleted from forwarded mail]

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