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Hello Ernie, I have been a longtime reader of your page and appreciate all you do. I just wanted to forward an email I got from my brother otherwise known as Dumbass. I was at the AF NCO Academy when this happened. Given your love of gun safety issues and the fact that people need to know it could happen to them I am forwarding these pics to you. Dumbass assassinated my downstairs bedroom wall with 00 Buck shot. I am just glad we all have a story to learn from and have a laugh over a beer. It could have been tragic. Have a good one. Joe

"Hey Joe, So I was doing some research on the old shotgun, it is a winchester 1873 made between 1914-1915. Not particularly valuable but it was in manufacture for about 80 years and has been used in all our wars from 1900-vietnam. Yeah you can get a bayonet for it. It can also be slam fired- Just hold the trigger and pump it and it will fire all six shells. Very useful in trench warfare and against zombies! So I was checking it over and then I went to compare it's action to the remington 870. It stuck and I was trying to open it up and forgot some key rules of gun safety. I had forgotten a shell in it and it discharged. I killed the bedroom wall. I am truly sorry I am a fuckin dumbass.. I have attached photos. The damage was not to bad. I was waiting to tell you until I fixed the damage and repainted. It looks good. I have the damage fixed and a coat of paint up. But when I pulled down the wall i found a spot where you have mineral deposits where some water has come thru. On the inside of the wall there was a patch of mold that is right over where the worst of the mineral deposit is. The moldy part of the wall is removed and will be in the shed so you can see it. I took pics of everthing and have attached them. I have not put the trim up or done a finale paint job on it. Do you want me to leave the trim off so you can take a look yourself or just get it er done? Sorry about the accident and the bad news. Sincerly, Your dumbass brother"

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