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Re: I like your site but...

At 12:29 PM 5/3/2002, "Louis" wrote:


Love your site but hate the frequent reference to "fags" on your site...I'm gay...all man, 6'3, 225, solid muscle and as much man as anyone around...where I want to stick my dick is my thing. Not probably don't have control over it all straight people aren't referred to as "breeders"! We are all in this thing called life together, judgements.

Take care and keep "whoopin ass!"


At 12:33 PM 5/3/2002, Ernie wrote:

Big Lou, how the hell are ya?

"fags" ...referenced where? what page?

At 09:01 PM 5/3/2002, "Louis" wrote:

Pictures posted on 02/19/2002 update... twoqueers.jpg men would NEVER let themselves look like this...

Pictures posted on 02/01/2002 update... lesbolongbong.jpg what makes anyone think this woman is a "lesbo"?

Pictures posted on 08/23/2001 update... 3oldqueers.jpg ...yeah...THIS is DISGUSTING...even for other gay men to see, but...why not "3olddigustingmen" know the ironic part, Ernie? They are probably all married too.

Pictures posted on 06/24/2001 update... phillyfags.jpg these guys are fags huh...well i guess every guy that's showed physical effection to another guy can be considered a fag now... wow dude, think of all the great fag action in sports locker rooms...Pro NFLfags, NBAfags.

Pictures posted on 01/17/2001 update... badronald.gif ..."Ronald is a big Ass fag"...someone's 10th grade education paid off...

You have *got* to be fucking kidding me.

Over 2,100 pictures posted up on EHOWA, and you're going to make a fuss about five -- fucking five -- of them? C'mon, get real. There pictures are what they are, and I titled them as I saw fit. Don't like it, don't visit.

Go find something to do.

At 02:21 PM 5/4/2002, "Louis" wrote:

You're the one making the fuss, dude. You asked ME where the references were...and I was merely pointing out examples. And by the way...the pictures are what people make of them and the titles are made by people that make judgments...not always the right ones either.

It's easy to tell someone, "Don't like it, don't visit." instead of being responsible for your own contribution to the bigotry, homophobia and hatred in the world. I have plenty to do in my life, Ernie. Seems like you are the one unwilling to do the right thing ( or even recognize it) to make things a little better for all.

You have my sympathy.

...sigh... does *anyone* read the fucking disclaimer anymore?

You know Lou, when I asked you what the references were because I expected you to point out either (A) link to another site (say for example, or (B) maybe there was this big gay bashing story somewhere on EHOWA that I didn't know about. Instead you come up with five measley pictures that were posted over a span of two years? And this means I frequently refer to homsexuals as "fags"?

Fucking please.

For starters, you're gay? Well zippidy-fucking-doo-dah, Lou. So what? I'm straight. Who gives a fuck? Not you I hope because I don't give a rat's ass who you bang just so long as it ain't me or my new dog.

Like you said, where you stick your dick is your thing -- so why even bring it up to begin with? Don't use your sexuality as a crutch. Think you're not? Why the hell did you practically introduce yourself as "Big Gay Lou" in your first sentence? Are you so pompous and ignorant as to think that a heterosexual person was incapable of making the same argument? That because you are a gay person offended by something that I posted suddenly it's my obligation to sit up on my haunches and take some kind of special notice? Christ, you made it sound like I have swatstikas and "I hate gays" smeared on every other fucking page, when in reality you're focusing on such a small subset of the material up there it's fucking mind boggling. But before I dismiss you with a swat from the back of my hand (yes, strong enough for a man, but made for a woman...) let's take a look at a few things.

For starters, hmmm... are you even on my mailing list? Nope. Did you donate any money to bring soldiers home for the holidays? Nope. Did you maybe offer a kind word or condolences when my mother passed away? Nope. How about maybe even a passing "Happy Birthday Asshole"? Nope. You're 0 for 4, there Big Lou. So from this I can safely conclude two different things. Well, okay, three.

One, unless you see an issue that adversely impacts (hee hee) you directly, you don't give a flying fuck about it. You try to come across as this guy concerned for the good of all mankind holding hands and singing "We Are The World", when in reality you wouldn't take the fucking time to piss on the guy next to you if he were on fire. Where were you, Captains Morals, when I posted the pictures making fun of everyone else? The Jews. The Palestinians. The homeless. The amputees. The Canadians. The nerds. The retarded. Britney. Anna. Clinton. Dead animals in the road. Hell Lou, I've got ten pictures of fucking squirrels up there... yet I've still to receive one piece of hate mail from the Squirrels Anti-Defamation League. Why do you think that is?

Two, you're an inexperienced visitor to EHOWA, saw a few things that made you stamp your pink booties in anger. You just did a text search for a few key words you didn't like such as "queer", "fag" and "lesbo", then stormed off on some crusade to rid the internet of another one of those damned homophobic hatemongers. "Contributing to the bigotry, homophobia and hatred in the world" was what you said, wasn't it? For starters, if the average run of the mill web surfer is so monumentally void of all rational and individual thought where something such as "Ernie's House of Whoop Ass" could fucking serve as their moral barometer, then we the inhabitants of planet Earth are a lot more fucked than we fool ourselves into believing.

But I'm going to indulge you and we'll speak in hypotheticals for a second. At the writing of this email, there are 2,120 files in the pictures section of EHOWA. Let's say that we take the same amount of people and force them all to live in some little isolated bubble world. We'll call it "Big Gay Lou's Gayville" for now. And let's say that we take them all one at a time into a room and show them one of those pictures before turning them back loose into our mock society. And let's say that person is forever brainwashed by whatever one picture it was they were shown. That's to say if they saw a picture of an animal they become animal abusers. If they saw a picture of a woman, they become wife beaters, a picture of a gay they become gay bashers, etc, etc. You follow me so far, right Lou?

So of those 2,120 people, only 5 of them would be horribly scarred into being these beastly homophobic gay bashers that you fear. Five people. That's less 0.235% -- less than a quarter of one percent. Christ you'd have more people trying to hump squirrels than you'd have chasing gays. There would be 1 homophobe for every 424 people in society. You know what they'd call that if the same thing if it held true here in the real world? A fucking miracle. The sad truth is we're a lot fucking worse off out here then they'd be in our fictional Lou's Gayville.

And finally, three, I figure by now you're realizing what a mistake you've made and just what (flaming?) asshole you've made of yourself harping on the little things when there's so many bigger problems to be addressed.

People taking their morals cues from me? You should be so fucking lucky.

Dumb ass.

Ernie "Please Don't Touch My Bum" Corleone

P.S. Next time you run a fucking web query searching for things to bitch about, remember alternative livestyles call for alternative spelling. You missed "patrioticlezbos.jpg" posted on 10/21/2001. But I'm pretty sure you'll agree on the naming of that one.

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