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Now just like many bar conversations, there are two topic that I try to avoid when it comes to Flamin Friday: religion and politics. But, inevitably, sometimes what we have is a failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. Which is the way they want. Well, they get.

At 01:06 PM 4/10/2004, Rodrigo Queiroz wrote:

Heya Ernie...

I'm a Brazilian fan of your site... i even have contributed once with some pics. I'm not here to bug you... i only would like to know your opinion about 2 questions:

What do you think about MICHAEL MOORE? You know, the writter who is also a filmaker.

And who are you supporting for the next election... BUSH ? KERRY ?


Rodrigo Queiroz

Michael Moore is a douchebag. A complete moron who has the amazing ability to twist any fact around until they suit his needs. I long for the day to turn on the news and see he's been stabbed.

Bush or Kerry. Hmmm, to tell you the truth, undecided. I think Bush has done a good job at keeping the country safe but at the expense of the economy, the environment, and international relations. (Kind of the opposite of what I thought if Clinton). As far as Kerry goes, he's kind of flip flopped on some major issues, so I'm not quite sure where he stands just yet.

At 02:42 PM 4/10/2004, Rodrigo Queiroz wrote:

Great Ernie...

Thanks for the reply.

I respect you opinion about Moore.. and Bush... but i totally disagree with you. I think you should read some Moore book (if you didnt already)... and take the facts he puts on about Bush and his gang... the real facts. Not opinions, but facts. About war... profits... guns... poverty... racism... robbery... and the stolen election... He is one of the few guys i knew who has the right vision about the american culture... and how it can make diference in worlds history... mainly in poor countrys... like BRAZIL ! :) And the cool thing on it... is that he came from inside of this culture... from a country city, where all this kind of culture came from... that makes he get all the respect and atention he deserves. He uses particular facts (like the Columbine tragedy) to put on the REAL problems... thats amazing.]

I dont hate USA... i like USA in some things... and hate in others. My little brother (19) lives there. In Tenessee. He is a tennis player, and with his great results he got to study for free in Austin Peay University, in Clarksvile. He is studying business. He is enjoying living there. My best uncle lives there too... in NY, and one great friend of mine is living in Boston. He went for study... and now he is model! He tells me amazing historys about partys and girls. And i have been in US sometimes... and my father... several times...

Anyway... that`s a bit of my opinion about it all.

I read all you write... your opinion, about war, politics, Bush, work, arabs, girls, boobs, beer, party... and even if i dont agree with most of them.. i respect, couse u just dont put it without some base (well sometimes you do hehe), and that makes it interesting to be always reading the new stuffs.

Sorry again for taking your time...

Rodrigo Queiroz

ps: you should visit Brazil in some vacation of yours (Rio de city)... i would be glad to put you on with REAL babes... real fun... real party and real beer! That would be material for at least 3 years for ehowa ! :)

Well, as far as Moore goes. For the Coumbine "documentary" he did -- it was later publicized that he made up a lot of the facts that he passed off as truths.

Quoted people as saying things, which they never said. Said he saw police reports that didn't exist, that kind of stuff. As for him on Bush, go to and you'll see a link to a site that rebukes a lot of Moore's claims about Bush's military status as simply untrue. More things Moore made up.

So he likes to give the impression that he knows a lot and understands things because he's seen/lived them, but the truth is he hasn't.

Bush says one thing, Moore says another. In my opinion, I think they both tell half truths -- the real truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

At 08:56 AM 2/11/2004, Rodrigo Queiroz wrote:

Well Ernie...

Perhaps you said the right thing... but...

Even if just 1/3 of all shits said about Bush is true (and you know what they say - he never readed a book, can never say the right thing, or inteligent things, the lowest grades he had to go to Yale and Harvard, he never had a real job and never had NOTHING by himself, all that alcoholic history and the at least 3 times he got arrested, all the stolen votes, the desert thing on military service, and all the duties he never did, etc.)

damn Ernie... i would NEVER EVER support a guy like that, not even VOTE him... and i would be shamed to have such a president like him, there, to rule this country, so full of fights and victorys historys.

You know... pray for dont have to send your kids to fake wars, on far countrys overseas, with no guarantee of flying back home, fighting for reasons even they cannot understand, like these guys are making with thousands of american families.

Well i could take it all Ernie, but this guy Bush.

I gotta tell ya Rodrigo, you're starting to cross the line from just having an opinion to being an arrogant prick.

At 02:19 PM 4/11/2004, Rodrigo Queiroz wrote:

Well Ernie...

Is that the way you act when you have nothing to say ?

I think i know why you support Bush... you seem to be like him. And you cant see it... like lots of americans (not the most) cant see it on Bush. Bush never know the right thing to say... then he goes and act the wrong way, like atacking and lying.

And i think you crossed the line either. From just being a patriotic republican redneck racist with no study enough and no real life either and military/guns/porn freak, for being the REAL ONE arrogant prick... who insult the others with no fucking reason.

Damn Earnie... i saw some pics of yours. And with your fat redneck friends, going on stupid travels, NEVER showing up together with pretty girls, or playing with that fool motorbike shits like a 14 years old boy. No wonder you are so into porn.


Now joo see Rodrigo, here's the deal, meyn.

See it's okay dat joo gots you own opinion on tings. Jes, das okay meyn. But joo see the problem comes in when joo think joo opinion is as important as say, say, say mine is. Because joo see, because it's the president of my, my, my country that joo don't like. And das a problem. Cause we don't give a chit what joo tink, meyn.

It's always da same with all you turd world cuntries. Joo soo poor you ride donkeys around and sleep on da floor, meyn. Selling joo sister to men for for a chiken and a slice of bred. Living in little huts with the ah, ah, ah, hay roofs and chit. Rain comes joo got rain drippin on joo head. So joo look up from between the pouring wata in joo face and joo see people like me in ma big house, in ma big bathtub, with ma big televison, with my'a, my'a, my'a remote contol, meyn. And joo get jelous.

Jes, joo get jelous.

Joo think that because me, Ernie Montana, am living the life in America and enjoying my chit, that joo gonna sit there with joo hand out and I gonna give joo money. Dat joo got some right to da tings I got. Dat joo should have da thing I gots. Well I gonna tell joo what I tink about dat.





Joo don't live here. Joo dunno what it's like here in da United States of da America. Joo been here to visit a few times, meyn. Joo a toorist. Joo read one book by a fat meyn. And now joo gonna tell me whas wrong with dis country?! I dunna tink so, meyn, joo dirty cocka'roach!

Joo ask who I gonna suppat in da next election? I gonna go fuck joo sista, das who! Das who I gonna suppat! I gonna suppat joo sister in her asshow! Bang! Bang! Bang right in her asshow! And joo know what? I not even gonna pay the chiken for her eider, meyn. Das right, I gonna give joo dad a dead chiken for fuck ja sista, meyn. And joo dad hesa gonna be da happy. Das who I gonna suppat. I gonna support joo fatha and joo sista, about three or fo times. Das who.

Joo got nuttin, joo dirty piece of chit.

Joo leave the world up to us, meyn. Joo go backs to joo mud huts and joo sleep on joo floor.

Screw joo!

Ernie Montana

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