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At 09:40 AM 5/15/2002, "Director" wrote:

Why do you have my email address on your web page? Do something descent and take it off. Please.

If memory serves me correctly, you owe me an apology. Then the address comes off, as is described in our disclaimer.

At 12:12 PM 5/15/2002, "Director" wrote:

I owe you an apology? I wonder how you'd like to have a little email war? How about you get signed up for every freaking loser crap thing on the Internet, and have your email addresses (all of them on your site) placed every imaginable place on the Internet, and how about I sign you up with the Direct marketing Associaton so your mailbox is full of trash every day, and how about all manner of other stuff? So do your insolent punkazz a big favor, and remove it. Afterall, I did say please the first time.

That would be great except by your threatening to sign me up for mailing lists you violate the terms of service agreement with Roadrunner.

So noted.

Now, assuming of course you're referring to the December 29th post reading...

At 03:43 AM 12/19/2001 -0600, "Director" wrote:

For an "adult site" you sure babble a lot about stuff nobody gives a fuck about.

That's an email you sent me and is legally dispayed since it is now the property of EHOWA, per our legal disclaimer which is linked and highly visible off every page...

Here, I'll even paraphrase for you... "I understand ALL email sent to ANYONE associated with this site, becomes property of EHOWA, and if I choose to "fuck" with them then my E-Mail, my E-Mail address, and any other information I have provided EHOWA, or any other information that is publically available through third-party sources will end up on this page for EVERYONE to harass freely. "

Now, as I've said before, should you care to apologize for your offensive email, I'll consider editing the post from our website to remove your email address. If not, I can always post your new harrassing emails to the front page. Your call.

At 1:12 PM 5/15/2002, "Director" wrote:


For those of you a little confused, this all sort of started back in December after the "Let's Bring Em Home" project was coming to a close. It seems our little man here was all bent out of shape when he came to EHOWA looking for porn and didn't find any,so I posted his email to the website on the 29th of December.

Anyway, so ummm, I don't know who I'm fucking with. Hmm, we'll let's see here, EVAN, if you're fucking dumb enough to use the default website for your ISP...


Now to his credit, ol Evan here did actually have his own personal resume up there -- which included his home telephone number -- and hastily took it down, placing a spacey kind of scene in its place.

But from the time I spent browsing it yesterday, let me tell you what I remember...

He's a forty something fucking loser who enjoys not only building his own computers (ooooooo, you wildman!!!!) but also playing computer video games such as "Beyond Castle Wolfenstein" with teenage children on the internet. He's even got his little "clan" called "Weapons of War" or "Wow" for short... you can see Evan's own badass profile here...

He enjoys shooting your little pussy pellet gun -- yeah, bet that's a big hit with the girls in the chat rooms, eh?

He also enjoys photography.

...let's see, plays games with kids, plays with toys, likes to take pictures...hmmmmmmmm....

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess you're unmarried, lives in his mother's basemen,t and for fun enjoy hosting parties where your guests are encouraged to "come dressed as your favorite X-Files episode."

You do the math here kids.

Yesterday, in efforts to avoid the throttling that is due to him, Evan took down parts of his site and decided to change his email address to (his "WOW" handle, "Ironman").

Wow, what a toughie you are. I can assure you I am trembling as I type.

So yeah you half dried cumstain, I've got a pretty good idea who I'm dealing with.

Ernie "No wait aren't you the guy who mows my lawn?" Corleone.

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