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Operation Daisy

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Web surfers that might seem like yahoos that only care about porno and jokes, were revealed as true friends with a huge heart, collecting much money to care for a dog that was severely tortured.

Many times in my column I get angry - at Microsoft, at the advertisers, recording companies, at anybody that tries to make our lives more difficult on the internet. However, I don’t think that I ever truly cursed here yet. Sure, I called somebody an idiot, lowbrow, dense, dumb, evil - but never truly cursed. That is not my writing style.

But today I am steaming, on fire. I have a feeling that in within a few lines of text will eject some - ‘son of a whore, maniac, psycho,’ and other like that. Only that this time the curses do not even start to describe the evil shit that get to star in my column this week. So only this one time it will be ok to write crudely.

Approximately a month ago I got a letter from my friend Ernest, they call him Ernie. Ernie has a happy and joyful web site that I would never have reveled to you, but for that sick madman that I met through him. Too bad nobody shot this guy in the head, or better yet, in the balls.

On Ernie’s site: “Ernie’s House of Whoopass”, you’ll find all kinds of hot and interesting Internet topics, provided that tits and chicks are what is hot and interesting for you. All the photos, movies, files, rumors, fakes, jokes and news. Whatever you received in your email and promptly send with enthusiasm to your buddies.

At Ernie’s everything get published much ahead of the rest, and this sweet guy also sends to all his friends funny letters with photos, and hot recommendations from the internet. Quite a few time I was ‘the man’ amongst my friends because of the tidbits I sent them from Ernie.

This time Ernie’s letter was very strange. No chicks, no nonsense. Not only that it was not being funny, but quite sad. One of the saddest I received in my life. Ernie told us about a ten moths old female dog named Daisy from Texas, which belongs to one of his web site surfers. Daisy went through a bad torture. Some smelly son of a whore, psycho human being, sprayed her with gas and lit her on fire. This evil sadist got mad about her passing through his yard, so he let himself torment her in this awful way.

Poor Daisy was burnet badly, and her chances of survival are slim. Ernie told us in his letter that he is appealing to all his web friends to try and collect this huge sum of money, more than ten thousand dollars, that are needed for Daisy’s care.

Ten thousand dollars is a large sum of money, when you are talking about strangers and a burnt dying dog. Most of the time all the sad stories on the net are found to be some stupidity, or a con job that has been all over the net for years. In this case it was clearly a different matter.

Fascinating Ernie managed to collect more than $13,000 in one day. The money came from web surfers that might seem like yahoos that only care about porno and jokes, came through as true friends.

On his site, Ernie posted a special page that keeps track of Daisy’s news. Believe it or not, this brave dog is recovering. “All her burns are healing satisfactorily, though she will be scared for life,” reports the surfer from Texas. Next week Daisy is expected to be released from the veterinary hospital.

And the psycho? He is a fifty-year-old man. His trial for cruelty to animals started last week. I hope that the court in Texas has the authority to do to him exactly what he did to the helpless dog, just that in his case nobody will collect one cent for his care.

Now, reports Ernie, there is no more need for money. But if Daisy touched your heart, you can do something good for an animal in her name. You can donate to one of the animal associations, or just put out a water bowl for the cats running around in the heat of summer. And if you really have a heart, why don’t you adopt a dog or a cat that will love you as much as they can? You can even call it Daisy.

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