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Well for those of you who dont have a general understanding of the female menstral cycle or period as it were. It's really not so bad normally, some cramping, bleeding, hormonal imbalance etc. I was once told by a mullet headed female gym teacher that we only bleed about three teaspoons of blood each cycle. That is not much and I see no problem with this.

For the girls out there you know that this involves some blood clots. It is part of the uterine lining that has grouped up and comes out all at once. It was once described to me as those canned strawberry topping that fast food joints put in milkshakes and slushies etc. Really red,slimey, and looks like a bunch of tissue soaked in blood. That said, here is my story.

I had just graduated high school and still lived with my parents. I had been dating my boyfriend for awhile and one afternoon we were pretty randy and decided to go to my basement and have some fun. I knew I was close to starting my period and warned him that it could trigger it by having sex. Being a 19 year old male, he didn't give a crap. So we start going at it, and this particular time we ransacked the whole basement, all positions, all over the place.....the couch, the floor, the fold out bed etc. We were so into it that we didn't care how wet everything seemed to be. My basement has no windows and when the lights are off you can't see your hand in front of your face.

About an hour or so later he gets up and turns on the lights. He screamed, like a little girl just screamed and yelled and then turned really white and sat down. The place looked like OJ came by and killed John and Nicole in my basement. My boyfriend and I were covered in blood from the waist down. Although I had never seen so much blood in my life, I decided to send him upstairs to the shower and cleaned up what I could. After we calmed down and cleaned ourselves up, we tried to do some damage control downstairs. There were blood clots everywhere, one almost as big as like a pancake, rubbed into the fibers of the couch. Which luckily was already red.

For anyone that has to clean up this much blood I recommend oxyclean, and ammonia. Works pretty well. We got most everything cleaned up and he left. I cried myself to sleep because I didn't know what was wrong with me

I woke up in the early evening. I was literally in a puddle of blood. It looked like I had tried to give myself and abortion with a rusty coat hanger or something. My mattress was soaked in blood, my underwear, pants everything. I tried to walk to the bathroom and left a blood trail from my room everywhere I walked. I got in there stripped & sat on the toilet. I swear y'all, you would have thought I was miscarriaging something because I have never seen blood clots so thick. I said they looked like strawberries, well these were as big as the palm of my hand, soaked in blood, veritable organ looking things coming out of me.

After this, I could never imagine giving birth. I wrapped myself in a towel, almost like a diaper, and called my mother at work crying. I was getting weak already and lying on the bathroom floor, which now looked like another OJ crime scene. At first she didn't understand me, and once she realized what was going on she said she was coming to get me. I lay there for another 30 minutes waiting on her. When she got there she asked why I didn't call 911, because there was so much blood. She got me to the car, (made me sit on a trash bag) and headed to the hospital. I passed out on the way there.

When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed with a monster pad on. I found out that I threw up on the floor of the ER, and that when I arrived I had lost 3 1/2 pints of blood. That's three times the amount of when you give blood. Apparently I had the worst case of endimetriosis they had seen in a while, which causes excessive bleeding, excessive pain, and your uterus pretty much falls apart from the inside out. They gave me medicine and put me on birth control and said that they were surprised this had never happened me before.

After that I continued to bleed for the next 3 weeks, which the doctor told me was normal until the medicine kicked in. The last week was really horrible. The tissue been inside of me so long it turned black and was all shriveled, all the blood that came out of me was dark brown and no longer looked like blood but really runny diarrhea. Now I looked like I had miscarried the devils child. That's about all and three years later I am normal and no longer hemorrage all over the house.

Well thanks for reading my story, if it's not gross enough to post thats okay. Thanks for all the great e-mails-you're doing a great job. Happy 4th of July :)


credit given to original author if known

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