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Hey dude good to hear from you again. I am the father of 22 day old Emin , see pictures attached (if I dont forget to attach them after this letter.

Ok let me start with a couple of quotes from Santayana:

History is a pack of lies about events that never happened written by people who weren't there. History is always written wrong, and so always needs to be rewritten.

History is different in each country you go to. You compare Turkish and Greek history books about WWI you will get completely different versions of the story, this is the same about any argument or fight isnt it? For example I am convinced that the real reason of WWI was because of the Berlin Baghdad Railway , the Ottoman Empire was sitting on 80 percent of the worlds oil resources when the rest of the world found out how essential oil was. You did not have Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt or any of the Middle East and North Africa back then, you just had one big Ottoman Empire which had most of the worlds oil by quncedence. The French, and the British who loved to sail, would go places buy cheap or take all the expensive goods such as silk and expensive metals and come back to their home land to make money, that was economy before the industrial revolution. But the world changed right then and production started, the Germans were better and faster then them, they were getting much richer then them. Anyway like anything it was all about money and the Germans made a deal with the Ottomans for the Belin Bagdad Railway which topped it off for the French and British. In school they will teach you that a Serbian Prince getting killed topped it off in a mysterious way, which is complete bullshit.

Of course what I have told you is the politically incorrect version of the story, because the Germans and the Ottomans lost the war, and the winner always incriminates the looser and writes the history.

So what happened in that war, the Ottoman Empire had not caught up with the technology or the production of the west. It was huge in mass it but was crumbling at the edges. The west knew where the oil was and was looking for people in what today is the Middle East countries to cooperate with and to turn against the Ottomans. The people they cooperated with they turned in to Kings and drew the oil interest political map of the Middle East. The Grandfather of the King of Dubai was a convicted thief and robber by the Ottomans before the British made him King J Anyway WWI Ottomans allied with the Germans (not buy choice but because the French and the British were working to destroy the Ottoman Empire). We lost the war, the British and the French cooperated with some Arabs and split the middle east to the map you see today all. And now we getting to your questions, besides from the oil rich Arab lands there were to other nationalities living with the Ottomans for the past 600 years under the same empire. The Greeks and the Armenians.

Within the Turks rose a great leader who started fighting the French and the British to get back some of the land from them. He defeated then on a few fronts and the most famous one being the Dardanelles battle. To give you an idea of how strong the Brits were, they had battle ships of New Zealanders and Ausies as well as themselves fighting. That leader of the Turks was Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish republic:

Anyhow, the Turks Ottoman empire had collapsed and the Turks were fighting for independence. Remind you Greece was not on the map for the past 600 years, and they started fighting the Turks as well to get a peace of land and the Armenians were trying to get together to the same. So the Greeks got themselves some land (with a lot of political support from the west)and almost all of the islands in the Aegean Sea, known as the Greek Isles. The Armenians got some support from the Russians and they were trying to get together around a few cities in eastern Turkey. So they started moving out from cites and re settling there. Ataturk and his supporters were informed of this and they started going to those towns and moving people out of those cities. So the Turkish plan was to split them up, and stop them from getting together. For example there is a large Armenian population in what today is Lebanon. Did people die during this: sure it was a time of complete chaos and people died. Was is a systematic cleansing of a race (the meaning of the word genocide), that is a definite no. We did not make soap out of them like the Germans did to the Jews. There were no concentration camps for systematic killing. We were moving them out on horse carriages.

Your question, why now? Because during the cold war, what today is Armenia was a part of the Soviet Union.

The Armenians had a terrorist organization called ASALA, who have killed some 20 Turkish diplomats abroad for their cause.

What is their intention, what are they fighting for?

They want a genocide to be recognized to prove that Turkey did not gain the land in an Orthodox way so they can claim some land from Turkey, I think they want 2 cities.

They pressure countries with their political lobbies. And some countries who would like to put hurdles in front of Turkey accept their allegations and support their cause, France, Greece, Russia are the main supporters.

The Jews and the Jewish lobby does not accept that the Armenians suffered a genocide, mainly because that would water down what has happened to them.

So in the US every time the Armenian Lobby takes a stand the Jewish Lobby does also. Also over the 800 years of Ottoman empire the Turks was very kind to the Jews, accepted all the Jews who escaped the Spanish inquisition and is a good ally for the in the ME.

My grandfather was very close to that region that the Armenians claim but he was born during WWI, when he was in LA to visit us this one time we went to an Armenian Market we used to go to buy some Turkish goods they used to import. The owner was an Armenian Turk who had immigrated to the US, my grandpa asked you are older then me, you must have been there during WWI, what happened? He said it was WWI, complete chaos and we killed each other.

What do I think about the Armenian Genocide? They claim 3 million Armenians were killed. The population of Istanbul today is 15 million which was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. I have seen historical population data and in the 1920s the population of Istanbul was 1 million. To say that 3 million Armenians were killed back then in 2 very small cities of east Turkey does not sound like a believable number to me. Today the population of Armenia is almost 3 million, so if they want to call it a genocide, I think they should let us kill the rest of them to actually do some ethnic cleansing before being punished for it.


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